Perhaps you started organisng because you wanted to save your hospital. Now you have a letter confirming demolition is cancelled. Too many locals made too much noise about it. Are you winning? Yes; for now. What if none of the actions worked and you’re watching a yellow bulldozer turn the hospital to dust. Are you losing? Yes; for now. So what does this all mean? Well here are some of my thoughts on winning and losing; for now.

Tasting victory

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.
Mahatma Gandhi

I’m not going to argue with Gandhi, he obviously knows a lot more than me. What I will say is these four stages unfold slowly, sideways and round the ways until you get to the winning part. So if you’re still waiting to taste victory, it will take more time than you think and a lot of action to get you there.

Release the party balloons

Perfection is a stick with which to beat the possible.
Rebecca Solnit

Victories are temporary and almost always compromised. That is a fact. But for the love of everything good, release the balloons when things go in your favour; no matter how small. The idea that no one should celebrate until we all can, is a perfection that can only give disappointment.

Just because the train is not at its final destination, doesn’t mean you can’t smile at stops along the way. Everyone who won marriage equality in Ireland for gay and lesbian couples, should celebrate. It’s fudging great. At the same time there is a long way to go for LGBTQIA+ rights in Ireland; that work doesn’t stop.

When we find fault in everything it gives too much space for us to quit or never start. It makes us despair, and despair does a lot of good for nothing. Being critical is vital, but be awake to how much energy it drains. It can make us enemies of each other, rather than focusing on the real fudgers. It means a lot of people choose not to work with us because it all feels a bit like this

Blue blob holiding a burst baloon

Hope, and my theory on eye-rolling

Hope, the heart of our work, can make people do this.

A yellow face eye rolling

For those unfamiliar to this look, it is called the eye-roll. The word hope generates lots of eye-rolling. Eye-rollers say it’s because hope is nonsense and nonsense irritates the fudge out of them.

While nonsense is irritating, it is not a nonsense to state the world would be a lot more terrible were it not for the actions of activists, campaigners, organisers and leaders. Their actions come from a courageous hope that change can happen. Eye-rollers are dismissive, judgey or uncomfortable by this. My theory is that this comes from a place of insecurity. Eye rollers often don’t do a whole lot more than eye-roll.

The moral of this story is don’t be put off by the eye-rollers; stay courageously hopeful. It is your most powerful demonstration of resistance.

Uncertainty brings hope

We never did save the bees, they just haven’t gone extinct yet. The win/lose argument we so often talk about is distracting gobbledegunk. Sure, sometimes the action chicken is not only plucked, it’s roasted. No amount of effort or good intentions will make that chicken cluck again. Some actions should end, or we need to start over. A lot of the time however, the bees, and hospitals and everything else that matters to us, will need us to continue to fight for them. We never win or lose forever and there is a lot of hope in that.

We stand a chance of bringing about a better world because of you and the millions like you, so thank you. Thank you for all you do to make this world better for all of us. Thank you for taking your learning seriously. This, we hope, is just the beginning of our relationship; we have much to do together.

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  1. Sylvialeonard

    Without hope all is lost . What was deemed impossible has been acieved but it is the people with courage and determination that make things happen! !!


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