Next steps

If you want to build the people power capable of making change happen, 1-to-1s must become a habit for you and everyone you work with. Build your diary around them. Commit to at least two a week if you are doing this on the side. This doesn’t mean adding more meetings to your week, it could be the same meetings with the same people, but with the method of a 1-to-1. If you’re a full time paid organiser/activist schedule at least ten 1-to-1s a week. The more you do, the better you get, and the sooner you find the people to build a team.


Make a plan for 1-to-1s

Think about the groups you are working with:

  1. Write eight names you want to have 1-to-1s with and a brief explanation of why. Five should be from in and around the group you are working with and three from outside e.g. a reporter/politician/academic.

  2. Secure the meetings.

  3. Follow the eight steps in the 1-to-1:

    • Introductions
    • Explain why you are meeting with person
    • Check they have 40 minutes
    • 3 minute story of you
    • Ask them; so what about you?
    • Listen; only interrupt with a question
    • Next steps
    • Thank them
  4. Evaluate the 1-to-1 and chart their interests.

  5. Answer the following questions:

  • Why are they interesting to you?
  • What is your plan for them?
  • How does this meet their interests?
  • How will you support them?
  • Next steps