Hello Act Build Change Community!

First of all, we want to say a big thank you. Thank you, subscribers, trainers, donators and sharers. You mean a lot to us. We can’t exist without you…well we could but it would be very rubbish.

We have been on a journey these past few months and we want to tell you about it.

Act Build Change is built by me Stephanie Leonard a community organiser from London and Ricky Wong a designer and developer from Newcastle. We built Act Build Change because too many people are locked out of learning how to make change happen in their communities. We are building a platform where we all can learn how to organise.

What we didn’t expect was such a big response from so many of you around the globe wanting to get involved in our mission. We read, train and share our learning together to make our world better. Sometimes you write to us, we call each other up and put our heads together to solve important problems. Act Build Change is now my (Stephanie) full-time job. Holy moly that was unexpected.

What is new?

We have just built our new training interface: log in, set up a profile and check it out. You now have a unique profile, new sessions to explore and you can track your progress every step of the way.

Four things to know

1. Save us from spam

When you create a login we will send you a confirmation email. This is to make doubly sure you want to join our community. Without your help, we could end up in your spam folder, sharing space with the creepy and annoying posts. We don’t want to hang out with them. Save us by checking you have received our confirmation email.

You can also add info@actbuildchange.com to your address book. Or in Gmail, drag one of our emails from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab, and when it asks you if you want to do this for future ABC emails, click Yes.

2. We read all our emails

Send us any thoughts, suggestions and questions to info@actbuildchange.com. We get a lot of emails so we can’t respond to all of them, but we will read every one and shape our content to what you ask for.

3. We want to hear from you

We are going to be sharing a lot more lessons from you. If you have learning you would like to share with the world please write to info@actbuildchange.com.

4. Privacy policy

For some of you who know about GDPR, it can make you feel like this.

We think changes in data regulation gives people more power: we like that. You can learn about how we use your data by checking out our privacy policy here.

Where have you been the past few weeks?

It is not just online where we have made changes – offline we have been focused too. Since February this year with a suitcase, coffee and post-it notes in hand, I’ve been training, learning and coaching with community leaders across the country and across oceans. We have been to Amersham, Belfast, Birmingham, Coventry, Doncaster, Dublin, Leamington Spa, London, Loughborough, Manchester and South Africa. We are building solidarity together to change the world.

We are also building something special.

Something special will be coming to an inbox near you before the weather gets chilly. While it won’t make all your dreams come true, it will help you build relationships with change makers and learn together: because that is what community organising is all about.

Thanks again for subscribing.

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