Act Build Change is a free online training site built by me, Stephanie Leonard, a community organiser from London and Ricky Wong a designer and developer from Newcastle.

I write all the training. This is good for you – when Ricky explains my job to people, their faces do this:

Blue blob looking all confused

So your face doesn’t do that – let me explain. Over five years I’ve done things: mostly organising, training and occasional samba. I’ve become effective at building successful campaigns with communities and train hundreds of people how to do it for themselves. For three years I taught organising at University College London. Samba is still occasional – mostly coming out at parties.

Ricky makes everything on the website happen. This is good because I use technology like this:

Angry red face blob banging computer

Ricky doesn’t think it necessary to say more about himself – so there we are.

Why are you giving training for free? Are you mega rich?

We will be straight with you. Bad stuff is bursting everywhere. Nurses are at food banks, people are dying because they’re poor and a developer took your favourite pub to build unaffordable flats. At the same time, people like you are working hard to stop folks starving, dying and pushed out of their homes.

A lot of us are working without the training we need to be most effective. Training is often expensive, exclusive and full of academic gobble-de-gook. We do not speak gobble-de-gook because it makes most faces do this:

Blue blob confused face

If you can’t access in person training or support, we want you to have access to free and effective training online. So we built Act Build Change.

This brings us to the second question: are we mega rich? Sadly, we are not mega or rich. We just can’t look small children in the eye knowing we did sweet nothing to stop their world bursting. If you happen to be mega, rich or both, please support our work and keep this site going.

How do we get in touch with you?

If you have any contributions, questions or would like us to work with you, please contact us at

You mention community organising a lot: what is it?

Community organising has a long history and shows up anywhere people have claimed their rights to humanity. Instead of campaigns thumping down from board rooms, they’re built ground up and won by the people. It’s pretty incredible and we want more people to know how to do it.