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Our mission

We train you to act collectively, build power and change the world.

When ordinary people organise together with care, we change the world. 

For too many people, especially those of us experiencing oppression, community organising is not accessible. Training is too expensive, organisations don't reflect our communities, and strategies aren’t brave enough to meet the needs of our time. 

In 2018, Act Build Change began our mission to transform the way communities organise, and in turn our lives and society at large. We began as a scrappy open source training site. Now, we are a transformative organising school that travels across the UK to support groups to grow teams, build power and take action together.

Only when everyone has the opportunity to organise effectively and win real change, will our mission be complete.

Our approach

Building on our own experience and from rich traditions, we make transformative organising skills available to all, with a focus on those closest to the sharp end of systemic injustice. We are a team of experienced organisers, and have contributed to struggles and victories for systemic change, locally and nationally. We bring our tools, experience and energy to work alongside you every step of the way, through the ups and the downs.

We are driven by action and impact. We are also focused on how we get there. Because as well as energising and joyful, organising can be challenging - we’re up against a lot. Organising is about building, confronting and shifting power. We know that transformative change isn't possible without bringing care to our relationships, processes and actions. We have developed methods and training for collective care to support our partners and communities. Because how you get to the future is the future you get. 

Our Values

We value relationships

No one can change the world alone. It is through relationships that we have the power to bring about justice.

We value accountability

We work to keep commitments and respect the needs and time of others. We communicate openly and generously. 

We value accessibility

We work for a world where no one is left behind. This means learning from those who are the most oppressed in society, and working accordingly. 

We value care

We centre care in all that we do so that our work is sustainable. People will always come before a project or programme.