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Meet the team

Let's work together to help your campaign deliver.

Whether it's dismantling the hostile environment, demanding change in key public services or building inter-community solidarity, we bring together a team from a range of backgrounds, skill and experiences to support you in your efforts. Our team have all supported victories for systemic change from the local to the national. From nurturing facilitation, moving through conflict, growing movements, to delivering fierce campaigns - we use diverse methods to support communities campaigning for systemic change.

You can rely on ABC. Their team gets what real organising life is like. They respect the commitments they make, don't waste your time, deliver what they promise and will get back to you when they say they will.

— Community member 2022
Portrait of Amira Elwakil

Amira Elwakil

Collective Care Trainer

Amira is a collective care trainer with Act Build Change. She is also a participatory English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher. She has organised on migrant justice issues including housing with Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth and access to healthcare as part of the Patients not Passports campaign. She has a particular interest in embedding care, a participatory pedagogy and an anti-oppressive lens to organising work.

Portrait of Ezimma Chigbo

Ezimma Chigbo

Collective Care Facilitator

Ezimma is a writer, healer and creative facilitator with a background in youth work. She specialises in working with young women exploring issues such as healthy relationships, labels and identity and has worked mainly with young women involved in the criminal justice system.

Portrait of Imani Clough-Brown

Imani Clough-Brown

Membership Manager and Coaching Lead

Imani has over a decade of experience in youth justice and education, she has successfully led leadership development programmes, supporting change makers - including young leaders to take action on issues they care about. She is an experienced youth and community practitioner with skills in coaching, leadership development and strategic partnerships.

Portrait of Latifa Akay

Latifa Akay

Head of Collective Care

Latifa has over a decade of experience working and organising with communities around social justice issues and on arts-based community projects. Latifa is interested in transformative approaches to safety and justice and produced and co-wrote The Radical Safeguarding Workbook in her former role as Director of Education at Maslaha. Latifa approaches organising with the belief that collective action is all we have and that only by building solidarity across struggles and oppressions can liberation truly be a possibility. Latifa is a trustee at the Inclusive Mosque Initiative and was co-director of the 2021 MFest at the British Library. She holds an LLM in Human Rights Law and before moving to London in 2012, she worked for two years as a journalist in Istanbul.

Portrait of Louie Herbert

Louie Herbert

Senior Organiser Trainer

Louie has been organising for over a decade. As one of the founders of ACORN UK, he was instrumental in developing the strategy and methodology that laid the foundations for ACORN to become the largest community union in the UK, winning millions of pounds worth of victories for working-class communities. He also has organising experience with 38 Degrees, the Labour Party and Debt Justice. For Louie, organising should be a politicising process; he believes that through collective action, people will see their shared struggles and identify the people responsible for creating those struggles.

Portrait of Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong

Founder and CEO of Act Build Change

Stephanie is a community organiser, facilitator and collective care practitioner. She has won with many others on issues from citizenship for young people, securing better wages for 1000s of staff and winning housing for those seeking asylum. She has trained hundreds of community leaders who have gone on to win local and national policy change and political elections. She taught as a guest lecturer in community organising at University College London for three years and is a trainer and coach for Marshall Ganz. She built Act Build Change with her husband Ricky in 2018 in response to some of the inaccessible ways organising was taught in the UK at the time. Together, they hoped to give a contribution to the field of organising that would allow more of us to get great organising training in accessible, dignified and transformative ways.