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Meet Up

Act Build Change: New Membership

Join us to learn about our growing network of community organisers and how you can be part of it, upcoming trainings and new offerings for members.

Act Build Change | 27 Jun 2024 | Online

Laptop, on a table next to a mug, with a video call on screen showing multiple participants.

Image credit: Chris Montgomery via Unsplash.

This introductory call is designed to be your soft landing and introduction to Act Build Change and our membership. Join us to learn more about how Act Build Change is building a network of Community Organisers and how you can be part of our growing community.

You’ll meet the Curator of Partnerships and community and some of the Act Build Change Team. We will be sharing our upcoming training sessions, new offerings for those who join us as members and answering questions you may have.

Act Build Change is a transformative organising community. Our mission is to make the methods of organising and collective care accessible to everyone who wants to end injustice in their lives and to build better worlds for all of us. Whether it's demanding decent housing and disability rights or resisting the hostile environment we help communities build the skills to win immediate campaign goals, and create bonds of solidarity in the process.

To avoid technical difficulties accessing the webinar, please ensure that you register for the event with the same email address as is attached to the zoom account you will use to access the session. If you have any questions about this or any accessibility needs that you'd like to talk to us about, please get in touch with