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Strategy & Tactics Webinar

Members-only introductory session on how to build an effective community organising strategy with creative tactics that maximise impact.

Act Build Change | 11 Jul 2024 | Online

Pieces in starting position on a chessboard.

Image credit: tonography via Unsplash.

In this session you will get an introduction to strategy and tactics in community organising. You will learn what strategy is and is not in an organising context and how a clear strategy builds the collective power you need to effect change. Understand the difference between a problem and an issue, what makes a tactic great and how to plan a strong campaign.

About the Trainer: Dami Makinde

This workshop will be led by Dami Makinde. Dami has been organising for over a decade and now currently runs her own consultancy to support NGOs and Funders meet complex challenges with a particular focus on strategic planning, youth organising, facilitation, recruitment and funding committees. In 2019, Dami co-founded We Belong, an organisation that fights for the rights of young migrants in the UK, which led to major national camping wins. In 2017, Dami was seconded to the London Mayor’s office as a Policy Advisor to help with their Social Integration Team. Dami is an Eisenhower youth Fellow and has spoken out worldwide against the UK’s hostile environment towards migrants and how to change it.

To avoid technical difficulties accessing the webinar, please ensure that you register for the event with the same email address as is attached to the zoom account you will use to access the session. If you have any questions about this or any accessibility needs that you'd like to talk to us about, please get in touch with