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Our network is made up of over 1,300 community organisers, facilitators, slick campaigners, policy experts, collective care practitioners and so much more. We are interested in events that support our collectives and beyond to build their power to make tangible and transformative change happen for their communities.

Contact us if you have an event that would benefit our community.

What to expect

  1. Fill out the form below to share your event.
  2. Within a week one of our team members will check it fits our criteria, values and community’s interests.
  3. If this fits within our criteria we will advertise your event.

Please Note

  • All events must relate to community organising or collective care work.
  • Your event will remain on the site for 30 days (unless the event ends within the 30 days).
  • Your event must share our values. Please read our mission page to learn more.
  • We will only add events that come through this form.

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