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Power, Community and Care: the Act Build Change Offering to Movements

With help from our community members, Act Build Change is on a mission to grow strong & sustainable movements.

Act Build Change | 16 Apr 2024

Act Build Change is on a mission to grow strong and sustainable movements by making transformative organising accessible to everyone who wants to end injustice in their lives and help build a better world.

Organising is all too often inaccessible for many of those closest to the issues being addressed. Trainings are too expensive, collective care is neglected while living experience, accessibility and intersectionality are undervalued. Organisations don't reflect our communities and their strategies aren’t brave enough to meet the needs of our time.

This itself is a profound injustice and because systemic change is sparked at the grassroots, it holds our movements back from building the power they need to win.

Our work at Act Build Change is to support every individual in every community we can to challenge the injustice they experience in their lives. That means making transformative organising methods and collective care accessible to everyone.

Every mass struggle that has won historic change – from the Civil Rights Movement to the Suffragettes, from farm workers to the trade union movement, from the church to the African National Congress – organised not only grants and donations but the dues of their members. This has been the backbone of these movements’ power and enabled them to organise around the priorities of their members instead of wealthy funders.*

Through our new membership we bring together new and seasoned organisers to train, create and act together, allowing income to flow into the upskilling of members whilst providing exclusive access to a host of resources to support organisers to make better decisions and build their power. These include:

  • Live and self-directed training in community organising and collective care.
  • Regular community events, meet-ups, project swaps and coaching pods.
  • Working groups based on location and shared issues.
  • Online resources to support your development, including reflections and how-tos from other organisers.
  • Live online events with organisers and thinkers sharing their perspectives, lessons and experiences.
  • Opportunities to connect with organisers and change makers working on a variety of issues.
  • A chance to attend our Annual General Meeting to shape the future of the Act Build Change community, trainings and resources.
  • Free postings on our website. Sharing your organisation’s jobs, opportunities and events on our website

Access is a core value to us; our membership operates on a sliding scale including concession rates and free membership for individuals and organisations, so whatever your financial situation, there is a place for you. To find out more and join our vibrant organisers’ network, visit the membership page.

* Charlotte Fischer and Stephanie Wong, (2023) Collecting Our Dues. In association with Love & Power and Act Build Change.