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Reimagining safety and safeguarding with young people

Exploring safety and safeguarding with care and empathy.

Latifa Akay | 26 Oct 2023

An illustration of an eye and heart with the words "critical eye and hopeful heart".

Image credit: Migrants in Culture.

In May 2023 we began an exciting piece of collective care work with the National Survivor User Network (NSUN) around reimagining safeguarding for young people with experience of mental ill-health, distress and trauma. Funded by the Blagrave Trust, we are working with staff and young people from Revoke who work with young people who are migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and The Voice Collective who work with young people who hear voices and see visions. 

We are running exploratory workshops with young people from Revoke and The Voice Collective, and staff from both organisations. In 2024 we will then be applying insights from these workshops to co-produce a collaborative toolkit exploring the ways that marginalised young people and youth workers are approaching the question of safety and safeguarding in non-punitive and non-pathologising ways. This will showcase the methods and practices used to foster cultures of safety and care, and will offer practical tools to support youth organisations to learn from and build on this work.