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Coaching Pod at Act Build Change

We're excited to announce that we are accepting applications for our 3 month coaching experience for community organisers with an Act Build Change membership.

Online | 4 Aug 2024

Following a successful pilot cohort, we are bringing back our impactful coaching opportunity for community organisers. It will run from the 5th September to the 12th December 2024, exclusively for members seeking to bring a coaching approach to their community organising practice.

This work reaffirms our commitment to make the methods of organising and collective care accessible to everyone who wants to end injustice in their lives and to build better worlds for all of us. Our goal is to continue supporting community organisers in their leadership development, providing them with the resources and networks they need to navigate the complexities of their social justice work, and how they can use coaching as a tool to support this mission.

If you or someone in your network would benefit from journeying with a group of organising peers every fortnight, we are accepting expressions of interest and we encourage you to apply via the application form.

Please get in touch and someone in the Act Build Change Team will arrange a connecting call, to answer any questions about the coaching pod.