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How we handle your data

A lot of the data we process is handled through third-party services. When choosing third-party services, we make sure to use well-respected businesses with a proven track record of data security. Your security is a high priority and we recommended you do not share sensitive data on our website (or any website for that matter).


When you create an account or add comments on this website, your data is stored on the servers of our hosting provider. We currently use Krystal for our hosting and all website traffic is transmitted through SSL protocol, an industry-standard encryption process. Backup data is also stored on Dropbox, a popular cloud-based storage service.

Krystal privacy policy

Dropbox data policy


As detailed in our cookie policy, we use Google Analytics to store information about the usage of our website. This data is anonymised and we only share this information in aggregate form (eg. amount of visitors to our website per month).

Google Analytics data policy


We use YouTube and Vimeo to embed videos on our website. These services use cookies to gather information about who is watching videos and how often they are being watched.

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As detailed in our cookie policy, we use affiliate links to support our business. Links on this site to Amazon and iTunes (owned by Apple) results in a commission for Act Build Change. This does not alter our opinions and content on our website. To benefit from affiliate links, these third-party websites use cookies to trace the user back to our website and understand what purchases they made at their website as a result.

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We use Stripe as a payment gateway for this website. They handle all of our online payment transactions in a smart and secure manner. It is one of the most trusted online payment solutions in the world. When you make a payment to this website, your payment details are passed through to Stripe, we do not collect any of this data.

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Mailing List

We use a service called MailChimp to manage our mailing lists. When you signup to our mailing list, your name and email is added to a list stored with MailChimp.

When we send out an email via MailChimp to our mailing list, it tracks whether you have received our email(s) and whether you opened it or clicked on any links within. It also lets us know what location emails were opened in and what kind of device or email service you are using. We only send relevant content and marketing emails and do not sell your details to third-parties. You can unsubscribe at any time from the link at the bottom of every email.

MailChimp data policy

Data requests

If you would like further information or requests regarding your data, please contact us.