Regular events

Our sessions are ‘pay what you can’, and free for those who are not able to afford a donation. Our speakers are all paid, donations enable us to add more to our pot to put on workshops and events like this and continue to pay future facilitators and speakers. If you would like to donate we recommend £7-10 to attend one of our events.

Digital Organising Learning Lunch with Common Knowledge

Weds 24th Nov 2021 12:30pm-1:30pm BST (online)
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Learn the fundamentals of different digital tools in these monthly learning lunchtime sessions – where together with Common Knowledge cover a series of useful approaches to digital organising for you to take away and use in your own work.

If there are tools, tips or support you’re looking for in particular – you can let us know when you reserve your spot and we’ll do our best to accommodate your interests!

ABC Project Swap for organisers, campaigners + social justice practitioners

Thursday 20th January 2022 6-7:45pm BST (online)
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Our regular project swap is a space where you can bring an issue, idea, project or problem and swap with a partner in the room to give each other new perspective, ideas and support – through guided questions and ideation time.