1.0 Get started: what we expect from you

You turning up determines whether change happens or not. Here you learn how we will work together.

4.0 You’re responsible for your time

1-to-1s creates a buzz of people who want your time. Learn to protect it and stay healthy in the work, because you matter.

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5.0 How to run meetings that deliver results

Learn how to run simple and engaging meetings that find the issues, build the team and develop a campaign.

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6.0 How to build effective teams

You can not change the world on your own – you need a team. Learn how to build, grow and develop accountable teams that win campaigns.

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7.0 Every team needs a powerful strategy

Act Build Change is about building power; learning how to build enough of our own, so we can start winning for all of us.

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9.0 What to do on action day

On the day of action your instinct will be to focus on the small bad things. Here we guide you to see the big picture.

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10.0 How to run effective evaluations

A full evaluation with the core team, to take stock of what has been achieved together and where to go from here.

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