It starts with you

What ever you want to change, be it saving your local library, securing a pay rise, or getting a candidate into office, it requires some work. The most important things in life always do.

What to expect

This training requires some of your time and energy; enough to make something happen. There are tasks and activities to sharpen your learning. Some of it will bring you off the couch and into the community. You will learn how to convince others to give some of their time and energy too.

You will learn how to talk to people; some people you may not like a whole lot. They call you names like lefty or snowflake or much worse. Alongside our training, a sense of humour and a bucket of patience will help.

It is not all talk. You will learn leadership skills, how to challenge power, make effective strategies, and create small to large scale campaigns that win. The training can be learnt by anyone. It’s not difficult, it just takes practice. Now jump on the metaphorical bike, be ready for grazed knees and know soon you will be riding with no hands.