We win against big power when we organise more people than they can. This means we must talk to people – a lot of people.

Big power like the the banks, the governments, the energy companies – all have tonnes of cash and this cash gives them tonnes of power. We can’t fight these groups with money alone because they’ve a lot more of it than we do. We must fight using our biggest strength: the people.

People-power comes from relationships built from hundreds of meaningful conversations that bring people together. A good conversation has the incredible power of moving us to act outside of our normal day-to-day habits and do something to make change happen. This is how we start changing the world folks.

The following pages will show you:

  1. How to talk better by talking less.
  2. Engaging new people to join the team.
  3. No sweat lesson on how to talk to powerful people.
  4. How to listen to people you don’t like.
  5. Ways to escape the basement you have locked yourself in.