Reflecting on your time

Here we look at how you are spending your time and energy, to focus on you living your healthiest, most fulfilling life. When answering these questions think beyond work. All areas of your life matter: self, family, friends, health, spirituality. For each person it will be different. We all must work to ensure what brings us joy, meaning and energy is given priority.


At the beginning of your day answer these four questions:

  1. How do I feel this morning?
  2. What three tasks would make today a day well spent?
  3. Do I have any worries or anxieties?
  4. What can I do/who can I speak to, to address these anxieties?
  5. What one thing will I do for myself today and my life outside of work?


At the end of each day reflect on how it went. It shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

  1. How are you feeling right now? Write a few words down.
  2. Was there a highlight/lowlight?
  3. Did you complete the three tasks? What must be moved to tomorrow?
  4. What could have been better and what did you do well today?
  5. What three things am I most grateful for?


  1. How did this week go? One personal highlight/lowlight?
  2. What am I particularly proud of this week?
  3. What is one thing I would like to improve and is there help I need to get there?
  4. What is are my three main aims for next week? Thinking about work/self/family/fill-in-the-blank


At the end of each month take one hour to check over your notes and answer the questions:

  1. How do you feel about this month? Write a few words down.
  2. One highlight/lowlight
  3. What is giving you energy/what is draining it?
  4. What can you do to address what/who is draining you, and what help do you need from others?
  5. Have you completed your aims this month?
  6. What is left, when can it be done and can anything be delegated?
  7. Have you given appropriate time to all areas of your life (home/self/health/work/…)?
  8. What areas have been neglected and how can you do better next month?
  9. What was the biggest learning of this month and what will you do differently?
  10. Name three things this month you have been most grateful for.

Over the weeks of completing this process of reflection you will find common themes to learn from. Going into this detail helps you know that the ladder you are climbing is up against the right wall. There is nothing worse than climbing through struggle, to get to the top and realise you were climbing to the wrong view, and not liking what you see or feel.