This is Essential Community Organising. Here you will learn about what it takes to become a community organiser, what makes our methods different and how it can complement the work you are already doing.

History shows us that we the people are more capable of changing the world than one person or institution will ever be. That is at the heart of community organising. We develop each other to build movements capable of transforming our world, to make all our lives better.

So if you’re up for a bit of learning, let’s begin!


1.0 Community organising and expectations

1.1 What is Community Organising?
1.2 It starts with you

2.0 People are the power

2.1 On planet earth power changes everything
2.2 Understand how power moves
2.3 How to do a power analysis

3.0 Storytelling: how we move people to act

3.1 How to story your way into the White House
3.2 Six reasons you should tell a story
3.3 Sticky story structures
3.4 Six ways to communicate unforgettable messages

4.0 Building relationships for change

4.1 A method of talking to people: the 1-to-1
4.2 Speaking to people who do not agree with you
4.3 Know your self-interest
4.4 Build your diary around 1-to-1s
4.5 House meetings
4.6 Seven steps for meeting success

5.0 How to build effective teams

5.1 Creating a team culture to benefit everyone
5.2 Every team must know their purpose
5.3 How to delegate effectively
5.4 Rules are not made to be broken

6.0 How to take action and win

6.1 Eight ingredients of effective action
6.2 Make your action news
6.3 The campaign cheatsheet
6.4 Never skip an evaluation

7.0 Make time for self and collective care

7.1 Protect your diary for what matters most
7.2 The habit of no
7.3 Reflection: was your day well spent?